The Dog Project

My independent study project for the Spring 2016 semester I created was to ultimately help me become more productive. So, for the entirety of this semester, I have been illustrating a dog breed a day. This project will end the day after graduation equaling 126 dogs and 126 different breeds. In addition to illustrating and posting these furry creatures, I also posted the image with a fun fact about each breed. In a way, it was like a research project as well. Personally, I love dogs and I know many other do too so I knew it was going to reach to a wide audience on various social media platforms. My Instagram handle for this project is called @Dogstragram_2016 and once I am finished with this project, I will be starting another similar project in the fall to keep myself creative outside the workforce. In addition to the posters and Instagram, I plan to make a small illustrated book with each breed and a fun fact with it on each page.

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